Issue 1. Jakob Dylan; Roger McGuinn; Carolyn Hester; previously unpublished Bob Dylan interview material; Lost Warehouse Tapes; the Woody Guthrie connection; ’Good As You Been To You‘

Issue 2. Carlos Santana; D.A. Pennebaker; Tony Glover; Gordon Lightfoot; Larry Sloman; Eddie Murphy; Art D‘Lugoff; "You Ain‘t Goin‘ Nowhere"; previously unpublished Bob Dylan interview material

Issue 3. Levon Helm; Judy Collins; Richie Havens; Carolyn Hester; previously unpublished Bob Dylan interview material; Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; ’World Gone Wrong‘

Issue 4. Jacques Levy; Pastor Larry Myers; Eric Von Schmidt; Winston Watson; Dylan in Japan 1994; previously unpublished Bob Dylan interview material; (Music Journalism Award Finalist)

Issue 5. Happy Traum; Ramblin‘ Jack Elliott; A. J. Weberman; Tiny Tim; Ron Wood; Ronnie Hawkins; Bob Goldthwait; Kathy Sagal; Keith Richards; Highway 61 Interactive; (Music Journalism Award Finalist)

Issue 6. Al Kooper; Daniel Kramer; Arlo Guthrie; Highway 61 Interactive; previously unpublished Bob Dylan photographs by Daniel Kramer; (Music Journalism Award Finalist)

Issue 7. John Cohen; Patti Smith; Jerry Garcia; previously unpublished Bob Dylan interview material; incredible previously unpublished Dylan photographs by John Cohen

Issue 8. Charlie McCoy; John Bucklen; Bill Marinac; Bobby Vee; ’Blood on the Tracks‘ revisited; Hibbing Minnesota residents and ex-band members talk about Dylan/Zimmerman; Richie Havens

Issue 9. Kris Kristofferson; John Hammond Jr.; Aimee Mann; The Paradise Lost Tour; the history of the Grammy Awards; the Bob Dylan copyright files; ten-year tour commentary

Issue 10. Rick Danko; Tom Paxton; Michael Bloomfield on Dylan; "Blood In My Eyes" video; Dylan‘s guitarwork; Bob in Liverpool 1966 & 1996; last songs on Dylan‘s albums; documenting Dylan‘s recordings

Issue 11. Greil Marcus; Eric Andersen; Jackson Browne; Tom Rapp; Bob Dylan and Allen Ginsberg; Helena Springs Bob in Europe 1978; "Father of Night" in person; the "Messianic Complex"

Issue 12. Jim Dickinson; Dave Herman; David Whitaker; an exclusive behind the scenes at the ’Time Out Of Mind‘ recording sessions; Jimmie Rodgers; in-depth ’Time Out Of Mind‘ reviews

Issue 13. Bob Fass; Michael "Soy Bomb" Portnoy; Daniel Lanois; Dylan and famous film directors; Bob Dylan cover version albums; Newport Festival ‘65 photospread "The Day Before The World Changed"

Issue 14. Larry Keenan; Dale Smith; Scott Spencer; ’Hearts of Fire‘; ’Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid‘; ’Renaldo and Clara‘; the award winning Bob Dylan; the story behind bootleg ’Tarantula‘

Issue 15. Ralph Stanley; Johnny Cash; Lord Buckley; Dylan in Germany 1998; Folkways Anthology; interviewing the interviewer Paul Zollo; a new look at ’Knocked Out Loaded‘ and ’Down in the Groove‘

Issue 16. Rick Danko; Dave Morton; Nora Guthrie; Billy Bragg; Steve Matteo; the corporate Bob Dylan; Al Kooper memoir; Bob Dylan in advertising part one; Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid

Issue 17. David Mansfield; Spooner Oldham; David Was; the "Brownsville Girl" letters; Paul Simom; Bob Dylan in advertising part two; the Hibbing house; Hasidism and mysticism In Dylan‘s songs

Issue 18. Jerry Schatzberg; Regina Havis Brown; Leroy Hoikkala; Rick Danko remembered; incredible previously unpublished Bob Dylan photographs by movie director Jerry Schatzberg

Issue 19. Kris Kristofferson; James Hirsch; Rubin Hurricane Carter book vs film; collecting foreign Dylan LPs part one; Dylan wins Polar Prize; D.A. Pennebaker and the making of ’Dont Look Back‘

Issue 20. Bob Johnston; Spider John Koerner; Bucky Baxter; Shirley Caesar; Elizabeth Blohm; ’Nashville Skyline‘ and its impact on Bob Dylan; collecting foreign Dylan LPs part two

Issue 21. Kevin Odegard; Howard Sounes; Bob Dylan‘s 60th Birthday

Issue 22. Bob Johnston; Debi Dye; Bob Dylan‘s New Album; Bob Dylan in Telluride

Issue 23. Regina Havis; Bob Irwin; Paul Colby; Ron Cohen; Scott Huffstetler; "Love & Theft" Revisited; Did Love & Theft the book inspire Dylan‘s "Love & Theft"?; Being Bob Dylan

Issue 24. Sally Kirkland; Ian Hunter; Larry Ratso Sloman; T-Bone Burnett; Loudon Wainwright III; Mary Lee Kortes; Scott Marshall; The Great Gatsby; Dylan Revisits the Newport Folk Festival; Bryan Styble's Column 'Avoiding the Main Streets: Why Picasso Didn't Tour'; Masked and Anonymous

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